In Search of Ultimate Truth!

My journey in Kyokushin Karate started in 1980. In this blog I will share a few thoughts about life and my experiences in martial arts.

For more about my martial arts history click here. See my Instagram here and visit my YouTube channel here. Below are photos taken over the years starting with a class photo when I was still a white belt.

Group shot after class for the base newspaper. Dixie Bishop on the left and Angel Swanson on the right had won 1st place in Kumite in the Adult and Teen Divisions, respectively at a tournament the previous weekend. My teacher, Sensei Jim “Swanny” Swanson on the left and Sensei Mike Scott on the right in the front row. I’m standing behind Sensei Swanson. NTC Orlando, Florida-1980
Competing as a green belt in Orlando, Florida-1982
Demonstration as a new shodan in 1986 at NTC Orlando, Florida
Meeting Hanshi Steve Arneil for the first time. Montreal, Quebec, Canada-1997
With my teacher, Sensei J.R. “Swanny” Swanson at his home after a tournament in Orlando, Florida-1985
With Shihan Bobby Lowe at his annual seminar. Honolulu, Hawaii-1996
IFK seminar in New York-2003
Referring kids division at a tournament. Oklahoma-2015
A bit greyer than I was 40 years ago but still kicking! Dededo, Guam-February 2021
This was taken on the first day of the USA IFK Kyokushin Summer Camp in July 2021. It had been over 20 years since I’d seen Shihan Greg Stokelin on the left or Shihan Mike Monaco on the right.
I visited Shihan Richards in Endicott, New York after Summer Camp and he took a photo of me at his dojo.
12th National Open Kyokushin Karate Tournament Philippines-2015
With Sensei Artemio Mancol in Antipolo, Philippines-2016
I trained with the Shinkyokushin dojo in Guam for a few months before I moved back to Texas in June 2021. When I wasn’t looking someone took a shot of me stretching out in the back during a class in April 2021.
A photo from the 2021 USA IFK Kyokushin Summer Camp with Shihan Bill Richards. He was my Branch Chief when I joined IFK in 1996. It was the first time we had seen each other in 18 years.
With Shihan Ellis Weber (L) and Shihan Mike Monaco (R) at a seminar in April 2022 at Shihan Weber’s Oklahoma dojo.
(L-R) Sempai Bill Stewart, Shihan Bill Schroeder, Shihan Mike Monaco, Shihan David Pickthall, Shihan Jerry Poe. Photo taken on 21 July 2022 during a day trip to Niagara Falls, NY.
Group shot taken after training on the first day of the 2022 USA-IFK Kyokushin Summer Camp with IFK President, Shihan David Pickthall (7th dan) (center right) and Shihan Mike Monaco (8th dan) (center left) and myself on the far left.